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With a Student centric philosophy, Ferrell School of Design offers in-classroom and on-line classes tailored to your needs. We strive to empower our students through education to succeed in today's demanding business environment.
Ferrell School of Design will provide a solid foundation, the knowledge and skills you need to accomplish your goals.
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I have been in the field of education for over 20 years. I have seen students come and go. I have also had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of students which bring me to the point of why I am writing this review. Of all the places that I have worked and taught at; I must say that I enjoy working with students in the area of interior design and photography. Students are really allowed to show how creative they are and learn at the same time without having any limits as to how creative they are able to be. I rate this review with only 4 stars because I leave room for students to grow as well as staff. I really enjoy working at Ferrell School of Design and seeing students grow, learn and accomplish their goals in life. I am not just writing this review because I work here I am writing this review because I am a witness of students lives being transformed in a positive way.
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