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Programs of Study in New York, NY

Programs of Study:
Photography - Ferrell School of Design in New York, NY


The art program provides students with a solid foundation and practical skills necessary to embrace the challenging and diverse photography profession. Students will be provided the skill-set and guidance to develop a portfolio to successfully thrive in the marketplace. Students will learn the history of photography, controlled lighting, foundation of photography, and project seminar.

Interior Design:

Our curriculum integrates theory, design and technology. Our students learn with the current standards of the industry. Students will learn the visual language of design, the history and style decoration and architecture, Design Styles, Space Planning, Lighting, Color, Interior Finishes, and so much more. We also teach technical and practical skills necessary to translate design ideas into reality.
Woman working with color samples - Ferrell School of Design in New York, NY
Graphic Design - Ferrell School of Design in New York, NY

Graphic Design:

Students will gain knowledge in 3D modeling, 3D technologies, advanced motion graphics, advertising art direction, brand strategy and so much more. Our graphic design program offers formal training and instructions in the most current software. Students learn valuable skills and techniques in both multimedia design and traditional art. Our program prepares students to be leaders in the design profession.


Is a program that focuses hand on. You will use current industry hardware and software with hands on experience in the way the real world works. All kinds of industries look for animators to bring ideas to life. You will learn visual indication, digital imaging for multimedia and the web, Digital editing, drawing and anatomies, 2D animation and so much more. You will work with experienced instructors and use technology including HD video equipment, games and Adobe master collection.
Animation - Ferrell School of Design in New York, NY
Responsive Website Design - Ferrell School of Design in New York, NY

Web design:

This program will teach you different web design and coding. This program gives students the knowledge in the area of introduction to web design, digital design, scripting for the web, digital imaging, digital photography, interactive media and animation. Students will experience have hands on experience to venture into the job market successfully.
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